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Adopt a Marine Creature

We are working to conserve our world class marine environment and unique marine life for the future of our oceans! Your gift helps us implement rehabilitation programs, conduct important monitoring and educate about our amazing marine environment. A great gift that gives back to the environment.

Why Make an Adoption?

We need your help! We are caring for over 300 different marine species that live beneath Busselton Jetty. Busselton Jetty is a not for profit organization run by the community that receives no on-going funding from the government. Symbolic marine creature adoptions play a vital role in our ongoing campaign for marine conservation and for preserving our jetty.

When you adopt one of the creatures that live beneath Busselton Jetty, not only do you have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference, you will also receive in your adoption package a personalised adoption certificate, fact sheets about the animal and a Plush toy. The Donation is a contribute to our Environment Foundation.

Busselton Jetty is a not-for-profit ACNC Registered Charity organisation…you can be assured knowing your contribution to Busselton Jetty goes a long way in achieving our mission. Your Donation is fully tax deductible.

When choosing your marine creature, please select your animal from the DONATION as well as the PACKAGE selection! That way you purchase the whole Adoption Gift and have the Donation part listed separately for your tax deduction.